Three Mothers Mountain
spinning, weaving and travel to wonderful places

People, places and objects that inspire creativity

Three Mothers Mountain is my French grandmother, my Spanish grandmother and Mother Earth

Welcome to my site.  

I am a spinner/weaver who gets much of her inspiration from the colors of nature.  I take pictures of color combinations throughout the seasons and in many remote places.  You will discover that many of my pictures don't seem to have good composition.  But that is not what I'm after.  In contrast to the softness of many natural colors, I also weave tartan.  Tartan, known primarily for its use in kilts, was originally dyed with natural dyes found throughout Scotland and the outer islands.  Those colors were softer than the chemical dye colors used almost exclusively today.  As a weaver I have to put the reds where the reds go and the greens where the greens go but I can soften the colors somewhat to make them more like they were in the distant past. 


Termite mounds west of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

This cardwoven belt lives in New South Wales, AU.
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